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For Detection of Gases, Smells & VOCs



Our technology works according to the same principle as a human nose and is designed to conquer the mass market. It is applicable for many use cases and useful for companies working on smart smell related systems. Our technology can easily be integrated in various appliances.

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Our Products

SmartNanotubes Technologies has developed the first multi-channel gas detector chip Smell iX16 for the mass market. The sensor elements contain fine-tuned nanomaterials which make the chip highly efficient, compact and modular. It can detect multiple gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our plugin module Smell Board with a modular and exchangeable sensor board works with AI-based software for real-time smell recognition as well as standard electronic interfaces to communicate with host devices.

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  • smell_inspector_image


    Smell Inspector is a developer kit and ready-to-use device for anyone. It has four Smell iX 16 detectors inside, can be connected to a PC, tablet or smartphone and can be operated with Smell Annotator software.
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  • snt-software


    Smell Annotator is an AI-based software program which is used to view, annotate and analyze smell measurements taken with the Smell Inspector and to recognize annotated smells in real time. Smell Annotator is available for Windows (PC) and Android and iOS (mobile) devices.
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  • detektor_chip_image


    The first multi-channel gas detector chip for the mass market. The sensor elements contain fine-tuned nanomaterials which make the chip small, energy efficient & affordable. High sensitivity to different gases and VOCs.
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  • smell_board_image


    Plugin module currently equipped with an exchangeable sensor board with four Smell iX16 detector chips. Has on-board AI-based software and standard electronic interfaces. Can be integrated easily in various domestic or industrial appliances.
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