Find your electronic nose application


Our electronic nose technology is designed to conquer the mass market. It is applicable for many use cases and is useful for companies working on smart smell-related systems.


SmartNanotubes has developed the first multi-channel gas detector chip for the mass market. The sensor elements contain fine-tuned nanomaterials which make the chip highly sensitive, energy-efficient and compact. On the basis of pattern recognition our technology can detect multiple gases, smells and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
The Smell Board iX16×4 holds up to 4 iX16 smell detector chips and can be integrated easily in existing electronic devices. The Smell Board will soon be available as an embedded module with a modular, exchangeable sensor board.

Integration Possibilities

The multi-channel gas detector chip Smell iX16 can be integrated easily in a range of appliances. We provide our Smell Board plugin module with up to 4 iX16 smell detector chips, which can easily be integrated in existing electronic devices.

  • drone_uav_image

    Drone/ UAV

    Our technology works reliably on drones, and by sending comprehensive information about its environment every 1.8 seconds it can correctly detect e.g., gas leaks in pipelines.

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    By embedding our technology in the industrial Internet of Things, customers can connect our sensors to their sensor networks and bring sensor output to a new level.

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    Plugin module

    Our detector chips can easily be plugged into various domestic or industrial appliances using our plugin module which has on-board software for smell recognition and standard electronic interfaces for communication with host devices.

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    The compact, versatile forming capabilities of our technology mean that it can be integrated in wearable equipment.