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Smell Flex outgassing sensor circuit board by Smart Nanotubes
Early Warning Sensor For Li-Ion Battery Overheating In Electric Vehicles In The Making
November 11, 2023. SmartNanotubes Technologies, a Silicon Saxony startup that has developed the world’s first electronic nose chip “Smell iX16” for mass market applications, and Linxens, the global leader in SmartCard Technology , RFID tags and reel-to-reel flexible electronics united their efforts to develop a disruptive early warning sensor for Li-ion batteries in electric vehicles. Newspapers daily report incidents of electric vehicles suddenly catching fire With exponentially growing numbers of electric vehicles worldwide, the danger of fires caused by out-of-control Li-ion batteries increases dramatically. Recently, a car-carrying freight ship caught fire on the North Sea when one electric vehicle ignited.  Tugboats could tow the ship into a Dutch port, but this could have had severe ecological consequences for the coast of the Netherlands. Thus far, there is no reliable solution to give an early warning of the battery runaway phenomenon. Linxens and SmartNanotubes will be the first to addressing this…
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