The technology
to digitize smells


Enabling technology based on Nanomaterials

Today machines can see, hear, feel and even learn. But can they smell? Not really! Our nanomaterial-based technology enables machines to use an electronic sense of smell.


Highly Sensitive and Energy Efficient

Our nanomaterials are highly sensitive and are activated in various ways. They operate similarly to the different olfactory receptors in our nose, in that they are differentially receptive to different molecules and convert the response to different smells into digital signal patterns.
With nanomaterials, our smell detection chip Smell iX 16 is able to detect gases in the ppb range and can thus be up to 100 times more sensitive that conventional gas sensing technologies. Furthermore, Smell iX16 only consumes about 1µW energy.


Smart Pattern Recognition

Digital smell patterns are stored in a database, which expands the smell recognition capabilities of electronic devices as it grows. Through artificial intelligence our sensors can recognize what the devices “smell”.
This can be compared to the way information is processed by our olfactory system. Smell is initially collected and analyzed in the olfactory bulb. For recognition and remembering, the cortical brain areas get involved. This evolves over our whole lifetime as more and more “data” is processed.
In a similar manner, the SmartNanotubes’ digital smell database is evolving with every new smell measurement.


Custom Development

You have a specific application in mind?

We offer:

  • custom smell/gas mixture characterization
  • custom plugin module development
  • custom detector development

Contact us:

  • for the integration of Smell Board module in YOUR device.
  • for the adaptation of Smell iX16 detectors to YOUR application.
  • for creating YOUR use case-specific digital smell database.

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