Fire Prevention


Smart Fire Prevention Vision

The Smart Nanotubes Smell Detector can prevent fires, which may arise due to overheating in Datacentres and similar facilities. These overheating events can be detected at a very early stage by distinguishing specific smells, which are associated with increased temperatures in electric devices and cables.




The impact of a fire in a datacenter can be devastating. Current fire detectors only recognize a fire when it is practically too late. This kind of problem is immanent in any industrial electronic appliance running, which is not constantly monitored by surveillance staff.



SmartNanotubes´ Smell Detectors detect a potential fire when the overheating phase has only just begun. Thanks to the sensor’s ability to detect smells associated with overheating, it is capable of creating a trigger in a very early phase, prior to the development of smoke.



Together with partners in the field of datacenters, the technology provided by SmartNanotubes is integrated into various fire prevention systems to support early-stage detection of overheating. Thus, we can more efficiently prevent high impact disruption of companies and (potentially) even societies.

Solutions, Industry sectors and Integrations


Control Cabinets

Electric cabinets are often a source of fires in public and industrial areas. By integrating our module into electric cabinets and early monitoring overheating events our technology can prevent fires and helps both saving lives and equipment.


Cable Channels

A high density of cable channels always involves a risk of fire. By integrating our technology to those cable channels, hot spots can be detected early enough.


Energy Storage Systems

Off gas from Li-ion batteries may indicate battery damage and potential risk of fire. Recent safety incidents have occurred across multiple industries and indicate a need to early monitor a potential battery failure and the off-gas hazard.

6-Step Roadmap to Your Application Specific and Smell Related Embedded Module

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Smell Inspector Developer Kit

Proof of Concept


We help you to find out whether your application specific smells can be reliably detected by our technology.

By doing on site measurements we evaluate detection of your application specific smells, taking into account environmental influences.


Feasibility Study

Requirements Specification


Together we will work out the specification of your future product.

We customize our products for your smell detection solution: detector chip, readout electronics and software.


Development project

Embedded Module Production


We mass produce the components for your product.


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