Smart Healthcare



SmartNanotubes enables professional care takers to increase their efficacy and efficiency. By creating smart triggers based on digital smell recognition we can support healthcare staff in prioritization and decision making.




With an aging population and a shortage of professional care takers, it becomes harder to guarantee care quality. Elderly (care) and hospital patients (cure) during their worst moments are highly dependent on the support they are given by their caretakers. These care takers often lack actionable data triggers based on physical situations.



The smell detectors of SmartNanotubes will support professional care takers in their decision making by creating actionable triggers based on the patients’ well-being. The technology used detects any smell that can be associated with human discomfort at a very early stage.



Together with partners in the field of Smart Healthcare, SmartNanotubes’ solutions are integrated into hospital appliances like smart beds, mattresses, and wearables to monitor the patient‘s well-being based on smell recognition. Smart control of basic physical care will leave more time for empathetic human care.

Solutions, Industry sectors and Integrations


Smart Hospital Beds

Our sensors can reliably detect odors that arise, for example, from bedridden, incontinent patients. If the odor is detected by our sensor, the nurse will recognize this via a smartphone app or on the monitor in the nurses’ station and thus can help the patient as needed and in a timely manner.


Elderly Home Care

Our technology can provide additional support for both the nursing staff and relatives which take care about elderly people living at home. Often there can be no support present at elderlies home all the time. Adding a smell tracker to elderlies’ beds can help keep tracking the elderlies body status, incontinence or sweat and other bad odors.


Body Smells

Our technology can be helpful for people with Anosmia, also known as smell blindness. Anosmia can be temporary or permanent e.g., due to a cold, an allergy, an accident, a gene defect or due to covid-19. In addition, older people often suffer from not being able to smell anything. Those people face a lot of constraints often asking themselves: do I smell or does my cloth smell?

6-Step Roadmap to Your Application Specific and Smell Related Embedded Module

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Test and validate our smell detection technology by ordering the Smell Inspector from our Shop.


Smell Inspector Developer Kit

Proof of Concept


We help you to find out whether your application specific smells can be reliably detected by our technology.

By doing on site measurements we evaluate detection of your application specific smells, taking into account environmental influences.


Feasibility Study

Requirements Specification


Together we will work out the specification of your future product.

We customize our products for your smell detection solution: detector chip, readout electronics and software.


Development project

Embedded Module Production


We mass produce the components for your product.


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