Indoor Air Quality



SmartNanotubes improves air quality and optimizes room cleaning in public areas like gyms, dressing rooms and lavatories by creating smart triggers based on digital smell recognition to control ventilation and support cleaning personnel in their decision making.




Regular cleaning of public lavatories, gyms and dressing rooms is a usual way to keep them in good condition. However, infrequent cleaning or the emission of unpleasant smells may lead to an equally unpleasant user experience for the visitor. On the other hand, excessive cleaning or overly frequent check-ups by local staff are neither advisable nor cost-effective.



SmartNanotubes Smell Detectors will increase the maintenance efficiency by improving ventilation control and creating actionable triggers for cleaning, based on the recognition of unpleasant smells in public areas. Cleaning can be carried out in the respective areas and at the respective point in time.



Together with partners in the field of Smart Living, SmartNanotubes’ solutions are placed in public areas to monitor air quality and to provide real-time information to the cleaning personnel for an optimized distribution of their resources.

Solutions, Industry sectors and Integrations


Ventilation Control

Smell Board can reliably detect musty or smelly air, e.g., in a public bathroom. By integrating or connecting our technology to the ventilation control bad air can be recognized and easily extracted via an automatic bathroom ventilation system.


Smart Home

Bad smells as well as VOCs that can occur from the toilet, the kitchen or outdoor sources can contribute to uncomfortable living conditions. By immediately detecting those smells by a smart home system a ventilation could countersteer and bad smells can be avoided.


Animal Farming

Intensive livestock farming is a worldwide key agricultural sector, but one that unfortunately generates ammonia emissions, odours and dust that are hazardous to the animals, the staff, the environment and a nuisance to persons living in close proximity to livestock farms. Those farms can make use of our technology in order to monitor odor levels which must be complied.

6-Step Roadmap to Your Application Specific and Smell Related Embedded Module

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Test and validate our smell detection technology by ordering the Smell Inspector from our Shop.


Smell Inspector Developer Kit

Proof of Concept


We help you to find out whether your application specific smells can be reliably detected by our technology.

By doing on site measurements we evaluate detection of your application specific smells, taking into account environmental influences.


Feasibility Study

Requirements Specification


Together we will work out the specification of your future product.

We customize our products for your smell detection solution: detector chip, readout electronics and software.


Development project

Embedded Module Production


We mass produce the components for your product.


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