Leak Detection



SmartNanotubes helps you detect leaks of harmful gases at a very early stage by 24/7- monitoring of the vicinity of potential leakage points (stationary monitoring). Alternatively, you can localize the sources of harmful gas leaks using drones fitted with our detectors in areas where people have no access (mobile detection).




Industrial companies have to ensure work and environmental safety whilst keeping downtimes of facilities low. Leakages, vermin, emission hazards and other potential risks must always be avoided. Current technologies do not always detect these risks in time, thus causing a lack of efficiency which, besides economic impacts, might damage company reputation.



The smell detectors of SmartNanotubes can detect industrial process gases at very low concentrations, and monitor high-risk areas. All these gases have their own distinct digital fingerprint that can be traced with our technology. Thus, SmartNanotubes provides the digital nose to help avoiding health and facility damages.



Together with partners in the field of Smart Industry, SmartNanotubes’ solutions can be integrated into every step of the industrial process, providing a trigger whenever a certain gas or smell is recognized or has risen above a certain threshold. In this way we enable our customers to stay in control over their process.

Solutions, Industry sectors and Integrations


Clean Rooms

Leakage control in cleanroom environments has gained importance in various industries, particularly in semiconductor, photovoltaic and aerospace, where outgassing due to a damaged process gas pipeline could negatively influence product quality or work safety which is pre-defined according to ISO standards.



Mine vapors which are produced or released during mine operations are toxic or explosive gases that have a varying effect on human health and mine safety. Our technology can identify such gases already at very low concentrations and thus help to prevent work accidents in mines.



Our technology works stably on a flying drone and by sending comprehensive information on its environment can correctly detect e.g., gas leakages in pipeline environments.

6-Step Roadmap to Your Application Specific and Smell Related Embedded Module

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Test and validate our smell detection technology by ordering the Smell Inspector from our Shop.


Smell Inspector Developer Kit

Proof of Concept


We help you to find out whether your application specific smells can be reliably detected by our technology.

By doing on site measurements we evaluate detection of your application specific smells, taking into account environmental influences.


Feasibility Study

Requirements Specification


Together we will work out the specification of your future product.

We customize our products for your smell detection solution: detector chip, readout electronics and software.


Development project

Embedded Module Production


We mass produce the components for your product.


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