VOC sensor lets machines detect smells


SmartNanotubes Technologies has developed the world´s first VOC sensor for the mass market.

Today machines can see, hear, feel and even learn. But can they smell? Not really!

Our nanomaterial-based technology enables machines to use an electronic sense of smell and intelligently recognize smells.


Game changer in the market


Our volatile organic compound recognition technology works according to the same principle as a human nose and is designed to conquer the mass market.

It is applicable for many use cases and useful for companies working on smart smell related systems.

Our VOC sensor can easily be integrated in various appliances.

The sensor elements of our detector chip Smell iX16 contain fine-tuned nanomaterials which make the chip highly efficient, compact and modular.

It can detect multiple gases, smells and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Our VOC sensor plugin module Smell Board with a modular and exchangeable sensor board works with AI-based software for real-time smell recognition

as well as standard electronic interfaces to communicate with host devices.


Database of smells


By using machine learning algorithms our volatile organic compound recognition technology learns to recognize VOCs.

Our digital smell database Smell Annotator is being extended every day with new measurements, which helps to constantly improve VOC detection efficiency.


Innovative products


Our products are designed for use in unlimited electronic and IoT applications in various areas.

Our core invention, the VOC sensor Smell iX16 detector chip is highly sensitive to various gases, smells and VOCs and uses just 1 μW of power.

It can thus be powered by a range of host devices, energy harvesters or batteries.

The Smell iX16 detector chip can also be tuned and optimized for a particular VOC recognition technology use case.

When implemented as the VOC sensor Smell Board it can easily be integrated in different electronic appliances.


About SmartNanotubes


With our interdisciplinary team of job experienced electronic engineers we previously spent several years on the development of a VOC sensor detector chip based on nanomaterials.

The sensor elements contain finely tuned nanomaterials that make the technology highly sensitive, energy-efficient, compact and cost-effective.

SmartNanotubes volatile organic compound recognition detectors can detect single gases, smells and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Applications range from environmental and security applications to home and industrial safety, wearables and IoT lifestyle products.


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